The Experience

Before the Shoot

Many ask "How do you handle your photoshoots, what will my experience be like?" That's a great question! The answer is that this experience is tailored to your needs. Once you decide to book me, it starts with a questionnaire to help me get to know you; this begins the process.

Once we agree on our objectives, then there is an entire FAQ page to make sure you are comfortable and ready for your photoshoot. I've worked with 100's of clients, the FAQ's cover all of the common questions! Of course we email or DM for anything else that is on your mind! When it comes time to shoot, you are going to be confident!

Day of the Shoot

When we meet for our photoshoot, most are super excited! We will chat for about 5 minutes and cover our goals. I will look at the clothing you have brought and we will make a game plan. Once we start shooting, no worries because everything I shoot - you get to see it right on the back of the camera! We are a team, let's make sure we are hitting the mark!

After the Shoot

You will get a personal gallery of all of your images within 24 hours. You then will select your favorite images and then I will edit those images. Editing normally takes 3-4 days but when done, you are ready for a magazine cover! You review the images and if everything looks awesome and you love them, then I generate various croppings and a few in B&W. The images are then delivered in high resolution.