Why I Compete

Magazine features hold a paramount significance in the realm of photography, transcending mere exposure by serving as a powerful catalyst for growth and self-improvement. Drawing from my experience with over 178 publications in 37 prestigious magazines, I can attest to how this journey is not just about validation, but a relentless aspiration to refine one's craft. The competitive drive that arises from vying for recognition among the best in the industry propels photographers like me to continuously elevate our skills and artistic vision. With each submission, we strive to stand out amid fierce competition, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes. As I push the boundaries of creativity to secure a place in these coveted features, I embark on an evolutionary journey, consistently pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. The quest for magazine features has become an instrumental force for my self-improvement and professional advancement, as I recognize that in competing with the best, I truly drive my own growth.