Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create multiple favorite lists?

This link explains how to create multiple lists in Pixieset:

What clothing should I wear?

FIT: The pictures are about you, not your clothes. Clothing that fits well photographs well. Avoid baggy clothes, everyone regrets this choice later.

TYPE: a dress, shorts, pants are all fine. Focus on what is comfortable and fits well.

LAYERS: Dress in layers as this often photographs well and provides options along the way. We will likely be outdoors and we will probably sit on the ground or lean on structures. In these situations we will get a bit dirty, please consider this when selecting the location and your clothing.

COLORS: avoid over-whelming colors – neon and fluorescent colors are completely out! Bright green, red or yellow are not always the best choices either. Earth tones such as gray, light blue, dark green, maroon, black and white are all great choices.

Can I bring a parent or friend?

Feel free to bring a parent or a friend. It’s best to avoid bringing the significant other to your photo-shoot. They tend to distract from your time and I have to compete for your focus. There’s a lot happening in a photo-shoot and the fewer distractions the better!

Where do I change outfits?

I have a portable changing tent that offers privacy while on location.

What about dry lips (guys, pay attention)?

Dry lips do not photograph well. Make sure to use lip moisturizer ahead of time. Guys – this is called Chapstick.

do you offer professional printing?

I can turn on the ability to print from the the gallery to a professional print house. The quality will be significantly higher than local big box chains, but the cost is slightly higher. Here are two links that show the difference in print quality: or