Common Questions

What makes me different as a photographer?

I focus on quality and being timely. Quality starts with solid communication on how we will achieve our goals. It's my job to pose you correctly and to mange the light. Then when editing, I keep things natural and ensure you look your best.

Timely - I deliver proofs within 24 hours, and then after your selections are made, edits are delivered in days, not weeks or months.

Very few photographers can deliver high-quality images in a timely fashion. These two attributes represent who I am as a photographer and how I am different than others in the area.

Should I wait to book?

I sometimes book out weeks to months in advance. It's important to get on my calendar quickly to secure your slot.

I can't afford a shoot

In general, I collect 1/2 of the payment at time of booking and the other half at the beginning of the photoshoot. By booking early, this spreads out the investment.

I'm a model - Do I really need a Portfolio?

First impressions are everything in the talent business. Do you want to attend a casting call and not put your best forward? Your image is your brand, don't you want to look your best and show your best? If a casting director is making a choice, do you want them looking at blurry or dark images?

Can I purchase additional portrait images?

For portraits, additional edited images are available for purchase.
-$50 for 1 image
-$90 for 2 images
-$210 for 5 images
-$350 for 10 images

Why invest, my friend has a phone?

Although phones are good, is your friend an expert in posing you for your best angles? Do they know light and use to use it to flatter you? And although phones are getting nice, they aren't near the quality of a professional camera and lenses - it's just not the same. And finally, FaceTune is just not the same as a professionally edited photo.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Chandler, AZ and I stay within the area to shoot. I love to shoot in new locations and I don't mind limited travel. I do charge $0.625/mile when traveling outside of the Chandler area.

How long to get the photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within 24 hours of the photoshoot. Once you make your selections, I work to deliver images within a few days' time. When the images are delivered, you can download all the photos from the gallery and optionally order prints.

Do you offer professional printing?

I can turn on the ability to print from the gallery to a professional print house. The quality will be significantly higher than local big box chains, but the cost is slightly higher. Here are two links that show the difference in print quality: or

May I bring a parent or friend?

Feel free to bring a parent or a friend. It’s best to avoid bringing the significant other to your photo shoot. They tend to distract from your time and I have to compete for your focus. There’s a lot happening in a photo shoot and the fewer distractions the better!

Where do I change outfits?

I have a portable changing tent that offers privacy while on location.

What about dry lips (guys, pay attention)?

Dry lips do not photograph well. Make sure to use lip moisturizer ahead of time. Guys – this is called Chapstick.

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